My Priorities

Prioritize Public Safety

Public Safety

• Empower safer communities by supporting law enforcement, officer retention, and funding for training

• Hold criminals accountable: there should be no $1 bail or early parole for child sex offenders.

• Support truth in sentences – so we aren’t letting criminals out after only 40% of their sentence.

• Increase penalties on selling and possessing fentanyl.

Make Colorado Affordable


• Repeal the gas tax and give Coloradans relief from other taxes and “fees.”

• Cut the state income tax rate.

• Cap how much property taxes go up each year.

• Lower burdensome and unnecessary regulations so we can increase the supply of houses.

Expand Educational Choices

Educational Choice

• Direct more money to the classroom: increase teacher pay, provide for a school supply tax credit, and give grants to districts that spend 65%+ of their education dollars in the classroom.

• Support an “all of the above” approach to education

• Require accountability: report data that enables school districts and parents to make good choices on a great range of schools that are funding students, not systems.

• Maximize parental empowerment: 72% of Americans believe that parents should have influence over what schools teach. We will make curriculum transparent for parents.

• Support equal funding for charter schools.

Make Healthcare Affordable COVID shutdowns have brought to light the severe lack of mental health supports available in Colorado especially for children. I will work to expand access and affordability of mental health supports encouraging more professionals and expanding system capacity. We also saw severe shortages of access to affordable health care due to fees and regulations imposed by our legislators. I will work to roll back fees, increase accessibility and increase transparency so you know the actual costs of healthcare services.

Conserve our Environment Protect Colorado’s water quality and availability, properly manage our forests, and prioritize private-sector innovation to create environmentally friendly and affordable energy

Create Jobs and Career Opportunities Respect the dignity of work. By reducing burdensome regulations, we can create an economy where small business flourish and struggling families get back to work, and progress and prosperity are unleashed

End the War on Rural Colorado Protect the industries that built Colorado, support agricultural water needs, and listen to the farmers and ranchers who feed our families.

Honor the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights and Proposition 117 Protect every taxpayer’s right to vote on new taxes (TABOR) and fees (Prop 117). I believe the citizens are best positioned to decide whether the government needs more our our hard-earned dollars.

Bring Accountability and Transparency Back to Government Restore transparency, character, and common sense to public office.

Build Strong Communities Create opportunities for families seeking upward mobility, combat child poverty, and support parents who want to pass their values on to their children. I believe that regardless of where one starts in life, we can foster opportunities for them to build a better future.

Protect the Rights of the Individual I believe in the people and their individual rights. Citizens make the best choices for their communities, their children and their American Dream.