About Your Candidate

I love Arvada and am running to represent you in the State House of Representatives. Of all the places that I have lived, I chose Arvada because of the safe, friendly and prosperous environment.

I am a seasoned business professional with four start-ups behind me. My current small business is headquartered in Colorado. I started my career as a management consultant where I negotiated between many different stakeholders to achieve the best outcomes for all.  

I hold multiple degrees: BS & MS Chemical Engineering, MBA and PhD in Business.

Why am I running?

We Are Living in Unprecedented Times

I am not a career politician. I strongly believe that ordinary people need to get involved and do extraordinary things like run for their local, county and state government offices. I feel this is especially true during critical times in our nation’s history.

I am running because during Covid, I saw the government selecting winners and losers in the marketplace where one business was allowed to stay open while others (like mine) were forced to close even though we sold the same products/services as the ‘essential’ corporate businesses. Nearly 40% of US small businesses were shuttered as a result of pandemic policies. Small businesses took the lion-share of economic damage due to pandemic policy while many of our corporate cousins grew during the same time period. As a result of Covid policy, some of the wealthiest people grew their fortunes by $4 trillion. As a former business consultant, I knew that it did not need to be this way. I decided that more small business owners and entrepreneurs needed to get involved in the decision-making process to provide a voice at the table which seemed to be wholly missing in our government.