Proud of Arvada

I love Arvada and am running as the Republican candidate for the Colorado House of Representatives for House District 24 (HD24). HD24 is new and is composed of Central Arvada and North Table Mountain. I am running for the state house because we are living in difficult times and ordinary people need to stand up and do extraordinary things. I am not a career politician. I have never run for office before, but I want to protect and restore Colorado neighborhoods to the safe and affordable communities that they have historically been.

Local People for Local Decisions

Candidates paid for by outside interests do not focus on the local needs of voters. We are proud of our wonderful Arvada, but our town is being threatened by career politicians who care more about their political career advancement than the communities that they claim to represent. I live locally and am a small business owner.

My Top Priorities

  • Reduce Crime and Increase Public Safety – Auto theft, fentanyl, bank robberies, murder – Colorado is top of the charts. Politicians must support our police
  • Increase Affordability – inflation, gas prices, regulations and fees drive costs higher and crush Colorado businesses and in particular small and family run businesses
  • Expand Educational Choice – increase parents’ control over children’s education and future. Money needs to reach the classroom and teachers and not feed the bureaucracy
  • See Priorities page for more info

Fighting for Arvada families


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